Today, Silver celebrates its 10-years-old  trajectory, from the point of departure of our origins to the achievements we have accomplished in this decade, always putting first the vision and goals of each of our clients’ projects.

Accomplishments we Celebrate

Throughout this first decade of operations, our firm has sustained consolidated business decisions of US $ 7.7 billion through 15 different sectors and industries. Beyond the figures, for us this is a time to celebrate the consolidation of our role in promoting innovation in the Dominican Republic, and the sustainable and responsible economic growth to which we aspire.

During the next months, we will be celebrating and highlighting these first 10 years of authentic dedication to the mission of our clients, as well as to the values ​​of attachment to the right actions, transparency, knowledge and results-driven focus that inspire our work and that have granted us the trust and respect of those who choose our services.

Our Services and Practice

Today, Silver conducts compliance studies, in particular, Economic and Financial Feasibility Analysis and Business Plans required by banking and regulatory institutions. We also provide advice for go / no-go decisions, for raising capital and funds management and for project financing. We also work on valuations, mergers and acquisitions.

Our practice also includes the Strategic and Financial Planning service we call PlaneAcción, in which we team up with the firm specialized in organizational redesign, LARC.

Regardless of the industry – Construction, Tourism, Technology, Health, Infrastructure, Financial Intermediation, Commerce, Advertising, Entertainment, Education, Industrial, Transportation or Agroindustry – all of our services share the common objective of supporting value-driven business decisions. Our work in these 10 years has touched 15 different industries, all of which we wish to continue supporting.

Join us in Celebrating

In the coming weeks, we will share testimonies and experiences of clients and colleagues with whom we have been able to collaborate throughout this journey. Join us in celebrating the goals achieved by them, because their wins are ours too.

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¡With excitement and loyalty!



Freddy Peña

Executive Partner