SILVER has developed strategic alliances with key consulting firms with expertise in related and complementary disciplines to our area of focus. SILVER’s strategic partners are highly esteemed colleagues we trust and rely firmly upon, and with whom we have structured a teamwork system that seeks to maximize the synergies that arise when consolidating different areas of expertise on one team.

LARC aims to work on projects for companies related to the optimization of the Product, People, Processes and Profit relationship.

Its philosophy is based on the knowledge that comes from experience, the management of concept and information. LARC considers this knowledge as the preamble of a job well done.

ANALYTICA is a one of the leading Economic Intelligence and Business Strategy services firms in Dominican Republic. The firm has extensive experience in economic studies and industry analysis, combined with a broad view of business management that covers both the macroeconomic environment and the internal conditions of a company.

NORTON CONSULTING is an American firm specializing in real estate resort market research. Its main office is located in the city of Palm Beach, Florida. The firm has extensive experience in Latin America and the Caribbean including some of the most important tourism projects in the Dominican Republic.